Our Services
PCB Design Layout

Over 25 years, we have worked on practically every type of board there is.  Digital, analog, mixed-signal, RF, high-density, high-speed, multilayer, package on package, adaptor boards and many, many motherboards.   Our boards have gone into space, miles down into the earth, and been carried into war.  We constantly update our CAD tools to the latest technology.  Our close relationships to the fabrication and assembly industries keep us abreast of the latest in design for manufacture (DFM). 

Have a need for design services that, for reasons of security or engineering control, must be performed at your facility?  We will be happy to provide you with an expert in your application, dedicated to your job for as long as you need them.  And of course, our work is always guaranteed to be done to your satisfaction.

Our design tool of choice is Mentor Graphic PADS PCB.  In addition, we offer years of experience in Cadence-Allegro, Orcad Layout, and Altium Designer. 

Parts Procurement and Kitting: No Surprises

We are expert in chasing down small quantities of parts, especially those which are unique or obsolete.  Our large network of suppliers allows us to locate stock in almost any part, or sample it if necessary.  If, in spite of our best efforts, we cannot locate stock in the parts you seek, we are able to suggest substitutes of the same form, fit and function for your approval.  For our turnkey product, this can be done during design layout, or even during preparation of the assembly estimate.  We will also make you aware of any extended lead times that pop up during sourcing.  Our goal is "no surprises" during delivery of your assembled boards.

Production Services
Through our network of fabrication and assembly houses, we offer a wide variety of materials, technologies, and classifications.  And its all Made in the U.S.A.   
Fabrication Services
Fabrication technologies include: flex, rigid-flex, controlled and mixed dielectrics, blind and buried vias, tented vias, and controlled impedance.  Materials include FR4, FR406, FR408, Rogers, Polyimide, IS410, Getek, and Kapton.  Finishes include: HASL - leaded and lead-free, nickel, immersion gold or silver, electrolytic hard gold, flash gold, selective, and mixed.  Our fabricators are IS09000 certified.

Assembly Services
Our assembly partners offer both leaded and lead-free assembly and through-hole, surface mount, and mixed technology, single- or double-sided as required.  BGA X-Ray and functional text are available.  Where appropriate, we will suggest hand assembly to save on stencil costs for prototype boards.  You can consign the parts to us or we can procure and kit for complete turnkey service. 

Engineering Design
Interested in designing and developing a new electronics based product? Need electrical engineering help? You've come to the right place!  ACDI partners with a full-service electronics product design firm with 20 years of developing products. Design capabilites include: augmenting an existing engineering team, taking up some slack, or becoming your entire product development arm.
We take a different approach to design outsourcing than many other firms.  Our guiding principle is one of partnership - working together with you and your company to develop the product you need to move you and your company to where you want to go.  We take a great deal of pride and personal fulfillment in each and every product we work on. We never tire of seeing a new product come to life, and joy for us comes in seeing you and your product succeed.  We will work hard for you, delivering your product with the quality, speed, accuracy, and commitment to satisfaction that your product deserves.

Schematic Capture 
A solid machine-readable schematic is the key to a successful project.  Our technical experts will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your schematic is error-free in this most important first step in the process.  Any changes encountered during design layout are provided for back-annotation to the schematic to complete the circle. Schematic capture software includes: Dx Designer,  Orcad Capture and Altium Designer. 

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