"Thanks again for accommodating response + high quality work = excellent service, which is the strongest anchor for directing our business to ACD.  We do not have any further PCB work hard-scheduled at this time, but ACD remains first choice for when we do."


Director, R&D, Aircare Automation, Inc.


"Austin Circuit Design provides a highly skilled set of on demand team members ready to do what it takes to meet tight schedules on tough boards.  Thanks for the consistently excellent support over the years."

Board Layout Group Leader (CID +),
Southwest Research Institute
"Our experience with ACDI has been excellent from the introductory meeting through the design and build phase of our custom PCB’s.  ACDI is very responsive, professional, and thorough.  If you want a trouble free experience with board layout, parts sourcing, and production, they are an excellent partner." 
Senior VP, Tescom 

"We have been working with ACDI for close to 10 years and they always go the extra mile to get PWB layouts and fabricated boards completed on time.  And if there is a PWB issue, they take responsibility and work through a solution quickly to keep the project moving forward with minimal impact on the schedule. It is great to have them on our team to cover the PWB while we work out the rest of the chassis or test fixture."  
President, Design Right, Inc.

“We received the boards and tested them successfully, and they should be in the customer’s hand right about now. Our customer is happy and ACD’s efforts have played no small part in that. This entire project has gone very smoothly and we are looking forward to doing business with ACD in the future.” 
 Applications Engineer, Keynote Photonics

"The files you sent are perfect.  Many thanks to everyone there at ACD for making these changes for us so quickly.  I really appreciate everyone’s efforts in helping us get these changes in to production.  You folks are amazing! Thanks for always being there for us, even when our requests are crazy and our timing is terrible!"

Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Thanks!  And thanks for all the hard work on the all have really impressed us and gone above and beyond.  I have been recommending you whenever possible to other folks who may need this type of work in the future!"

Engineer, UBeam
 "You guys did an excellent job and were extremely accommodating with all of the changes we threw at you along the way.  We really appreciate all of your efforts and hope to do much more business with you in the future." 
 Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"I just want to take a quick moment to thank you for your generosity in offering Mike’s services to us during our crunch time.  It is greatly appreciated and duly noted that you are a great partner.  We will return him to you in good shape.  : ) 

We are also excited to use Mike’s skill set to help us out.  He has a great skill set to tap into during our crunch time.Thank you."


Engineer, Hart InterCivic, Inc.

"We finally got a chance to start testing with the boards late last week. They're working well for us. The comment has been that the board looks very clean (better than the previous one) and I have personally seen the board performing well for us. So we're pleased with the workmanship. Thank you!"
Power IC Design Engineer, TSMC Technology Inc.

"Thanks for the detailed explanations.   I appreciated you attitude of continuous improvement and diligence in getting to the bottom of the issues!" 
Engineer, AES Austin
"I can read that file perfectly and the layout looks good.  Always nice to see the work of professionals!"
 Engineer, Souther Photonics

Austin Circuit Design Inc BBB Business Review